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LLLL.com domain name$282.80
Chinese YiXing ZISha Handmade Teapot And Frog Lids man made$26.00
Antique Buttons, Cats Eye Sunglasses Buttons and Cufflinks, & 100s of Buttons$21.50
+ Scotland Seaforth 78th Highlanders Infantry Embossed Crest Cut Square Reprint$10.00
3.10 Crt Natural Color Shift Sapphire Facet Rough p17$46.00
ITALY Lot of 6 Vintage Rosary Beads WOOD GLASS METAL PLASTIC$26.00
Vntg Race Horse Trotter Chariot Earrings Clip-on Goldtone Faux Pearl Rhinestone$6.99

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First item listed on Lilter sold for $1,250

The first item listed on Lilter by SnowKing, titled "Beatles Sgt Peppers Sealed Mono MAS2653 Kinks" was sold on July 25, 2011. The vinyl was the first early U.S. pressing Mono by Capital Record. It’s designed in rich colors. According to SnowKing, the buyer also received “The Live Kinks, ...
MorngingSide, a story behind college student financing his college education by selling U.S. quarters at Lilter.

I handled a great amount of quarters everyday at Laundry and took trains. These gives me opportunities to find various circulated, (and sometimes, if I am lucky, uncirculated) quarters. I enjoy organizing them by years, location, and series. I wasn’t intent to sell until the financial crisis putting my family into an undesirable financial situation ...