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Hulk 181 cgc 9.0 white pgs vol. 1!! 1st full wolverine!! looks 9.2-9.4!!!!!!!!!!$2425.00
Ginger Spice Autographed Playboy Mag May 1998 From a Private Collector$13.00
ANDERS CELSIUS 2014 Cook 5$ 1 Oz Ø 50mm Silver Proof Coin & Thermometer Inserted$76.00
The Currency & Medals of Newfoundland Rowe-Haxby-Graham$172.50
Vintage 1960s Superior Plastics Human Skull Life Size Anatomically Correct Model$44.50
Antique/Vintage Medicine/Poison Bottle "TRILOIDS" Cobalt Blue! Nice Collectible!$19.49
GTS :Taiwan stamp 1971 SC# 1745-9 MNH$32.00

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First item listed on Lilter sold for $1,250

The first item listed on Lilter by SnowKing, titled "Beatles Sgt Peppers Sealed Mono MAS2653 Kinks" was sold on July 25, 2011. The vinyl was the first early U.S. pressing Mono by Capital Record. It’s designed in rich colors. According to SnowKing, the buyer also received “The Live Kinks, ...
MorngingSide, a story behind college student financing his college education by selling U.S. quarters at Lilter.

I handled a great amount of quarters everyday at Laundry and took trains. These gives me opportunities to find various circulated, (and sometimes, if I am lucky, uncirculated) quarters. I enjoy organizing them by years, location, and series. I wasn’t intent to sell until the financial crisis putting my family into an undesirable financial situation ...