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General FAQ

What is Lilter?

Lilter is an online marketplace for buying and selling collectibles, antiques and artworks. Our specialty is helping you buy and sell items that are rare, illiquid 


What does it cost to use Lilter?

Buying on Lilter is free. Posting items for sale is 3.0% commission the final sales price.


How much traffic does this site get? How many items are here?

More and more all the time. As of early 2011, nearly 400,000 visitors Lilter every month. And more and more items are currently for sale. These numbers make Lilter gradually become one of the major player in the collectibles and arts online marketplace. This similar to the early stage of Lilter in the handmade online market.


How do I register?

Link to registration.

What does Lilter's slogan "Life is to collecting" mean?

According to CNN, one out of three Americans collect something. Collecting is to help knowing subjects in a more comprehensive way.


What does Lilter mean?

Lilt is a cheerful or lively manner of speaking or singing, in which the pitch of the voice varies pleasantly. It is like the history that inherited in every collectible, antique or artwork.


How can I contact you?

Contact Lilter.