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Buying FAQ

How much is the commission for buying?

It is free for buyers purchasing items here.



How do I make an offer?


Buyers are able to make a counter offer to seller through the item listing page. Buyers can also check their account summary to view the status of offers.



How does Lilter help prevent frauds?


Lilter believes business built on trust. That's why Lilter is proactively searching for suspicious posts. Lilter has developed and implementing an sophisticated security check system for detecting potentially fraudulent users. In addition, Lilter receives reports from other buyers or visitors. Lilter will make it a priority to get more detail about sellers and verify authenticity of their offering.



How do I avoid being defrauded?


Here are some potential red flags to look out:

1.       Too good to be true. Be aware of items selling at the unusual low prices. This is a favorite trick for scammers to lure unsuspicious buyers into a transaction.

2.       Look at the shop opened by sellers. Spend some time to review sellers's shop policies, including return policies, payment method, etc.

3.       Check sellers' reputation. Look at the rating and recommendation from their buyers about their long past history.



What are the steps involve in check out process?


Steps to Checkout for items with regular purchase:

1.       Review checkout summary.

2.       Proceed to PayPal checkout.


Steps for Checkout for items with buyer counteroffer:

1.       In the account summary, it indicates if your counteroffer has been accepted by sellers. Once it is accepted, simply add the item into cart.

2.       Review checkout summary.

3.       Proceed to PayPal checkout.



What do I do when the item I received is significantly different from what seller described?

1.       Review the description from the listing again.

2.       Don't wait. Contact seller directly.

Most sellers at Lilter are happy to negotiate a suitable compromise to make your purchase experience satisfactory, because all these experiences will reflect in their feedbacks.

3.       Open a case with Lilter.

If sellers do not get back to you, open a case with the Resolution Center.  Lilter's support team can consider evidence from buyer and seller and attempt to help the parties reach a compromise that is fair for both.

4.       Give a rating and leave a feedback.


How does the Resolution Center work?


If your item has arrived significantly not as described, and your attempts to contact the seller have failed, you can open a case against them in the  Resolution Center. When a seller has a case opened against them, they can choose from the following options to resolve your issue:

  • Offer a partial refund. With your consent, a seller can elect to offer you a partial refund of the purchase price of the order while you keep the received item(s).
  • Provide a refund. Sellers can opt to provide you a full refund in exchange for returning the item(s).
  • Send you replacement item(s). With your consent, sellers can opt to send you replacement item(s) to assure your satisfaction.

File a Claim With Paypal



If you haven't received an item, you can open a case 14 days after the order was purchased. If you received an item and it doesn't match the seller's description, you can open a case right away. You must open a case within 45 days of the end of the listing.

The seller has 7 days from the time you open the case to reply.

You should receive a refund within 3 days of the seller promising a refund, or within 10 days of the seller receiving the returned item. If you haven't received a refund by then, please email our Order Resolution department at resolutions@Lilter.com, and we'll work with the seller to provide you a refund.