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Selling FAQ

What are the steps to setting up a shop?

1.       Register to become seller

2.       Update shop policies under Account

3.       Update tax profiles under Account

4.       Start listing under List Now


How do I edit/delete a currently listing item?

Go to Listing under Account.

What happens when people want to give a counteroffer to buy my items?

You'll receive a message from the buyer making you an offer. The offer price also displays on the listing page under the Add to Cart button. All counteroffers must be approved by you before the items will be considered sold.


How do I accept a counteroffer?

Go to Offer Status under Account.


What does it cost to sell on Lilter?

Posting items for sale is 3.0% commission the final sales price.


How do I pay for the fee I incur?

An invoice will send to your email monthly. You can pay at Payment under Account.


When do I pay for the fee?

Sellers can pay anytime when there is an outstanding balance in the account. An invoice will send to sellers' email at the month end. Payments for outstanding balances are expected to receive by Lilter within 30 days after invoice date. Late fee will be applied.