*Lucernae* Top barbarous Gratian AE20. Lugdunum. LVGS.
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Take a look also in our new Vcoins store: Top barbarous Gratian AE20 from Lugdunum mint. LVGS in exergue. 3,07 gm., 20 mm. Nice green patina. Better in hand!!!POR FAVOR LEA ESTAS CONDICIONES ANTES DE ...

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Greek Coins. Unidentified !!!!! Excellent !!! Dont Miss it!!
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Constantine/ Rare original ancient Roman coin/Camp-gate/Thessalonica, silvering
s672 Constantine I the Great (307-337AD) AE follis 19.5mm. 3.29gm. Thessalonica mint. (VF) Well centered nice specimen. Original brown patina over ancient silvering. Not cleaned as pictured. Obv./ CON
Lycian League, Majikytes Apollo Harp Lyre Kithara ANCIENT GREEK COIN SILVER
A Rare Coin Has Been Laid Into The Coin Altar Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo facing right, bow and quiver over shoulderReverse: Kithara within incuse square, Aphlaston to left, LYKIWN M-A aroundRPC
Constantine X & Eudocia 1059-1067 AD AE Follis Ancient Medieval Byzantine Coin
BYZANTINE EMPIRE-Constantine X & Eudocia 1059-1067 AD , AE Follis Ancient Medieval Byzantine Coin+EMMA NOVHA, Christ standing facing on footstool, wearing nimbus and holding Gospels, IC XC across
Ancient Roman AE Ant, GALLIENUS, 253-268 AD, 1.6g, 16mm, PAX AVG,rated Scarce
Ancient Roman Bronze Antoninianus of GALLIENUS, 253-268 A.D. .. 1.6 gram, 16 mm, obverse; GALLIENVS AVG, radiate bust right...... reverse; PAX AVG, Pax standing right........references; Sear'88,2984,
Maximinus II Daia AE Follis. 310-313 AD RIC VI 845a of Trier
Maximinus II Daia AE Follis. 310-313 AD VERY FINE (I am not a coin expert, the pictures are of the actual coin, you can judge the condition for yourself) Maximinus II Daia AE Follis. 310-313 AD. Obver
Constantine The Great - nice authentic roman coin
Nice authentic ancient Roman coin of Constantine The Great condition of the coin as on the photos. excuse me for not so good photos but I did it with my home photo camera. I hope you can see enough de
Roman Coins, Constantius II. As Caesar, AD 324-337. Æ Follis- Best,
ancientartcoins Store Constantius II. As Caesar, AD 324-337. Æ Follis Your browser does not support JavaScript. To view this page, enable JavaScript if it is disabled or upgrade your browser.
Roman Bronze Socket 3-Sided Arrowhead 1-3 cen AD Israel
This is a bronze arrowhead, of triangular shape, and flat on each of the 3 sides coming to a point, circa 1-3 cen. AD. Purchased by me in Jerusalem from a licensed dealer. It has a lovely patina. 2.9
P135 PTOLEMY I SOTER 305-283 B.C. - AE 20mm - 8.09g
PTOLEMY I SOTER 305-283 B.C. - CYPRUS MINT Obv.: Head of Aphrodite to right, wearing ornamented stephanos. Rev.: Eagle standing on thunderbolt. Material: Bronze Weight: 8.09gSize: 20mm 100% GENUINE CO