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Set Of 144 Tiles Mah-Jong In Red Finish Leather Dragon Phoenix Fireball Wood Box
Item Ships Directly From Our U.S Warehouse, No Long Waiting Time From Oversea Freight! Item Description: This is a very nice set of 144 tiles Mah-Jong in a red finished leather overlay dragon phoenix
Buddhist Silk Inwrought Buddha Thangka Tangka free shipping
size:Height:910mmWidth:600mm We only accept PayPal payment * Count for much: In order to guarantee that you can receive this item in prompt and safe , please provide us your TEL number after you paid
Antique Vintage Bolo Tie Zuni Wagon Southwestern Indian Style 3 different ties
Up for auction are all 3 of these antique bolo ties as one lot! They are in excellent condition and very rare! They are from around 1950. The covered wagon bolo tie is my personal favorite and it has
VTG Glass Tiki Bar Hula Girl Naked See Through Signed No Damage Old Collection
We Welcome you to Delightful Auctions Please read through carefully, I have redone our listing page and hope that our auction descriptions are a little easier to find and follow. All text below item d
Used Team Roping Heading Heeling Lariat Rope-Callaway Bullet-USA-3/8-M-35- 12
This is a used team roping rope from a professional roper. They change often!! Lots of good use left in it. The number at the end of the listing is for inventory only. You will receive the rope in the
Rare Vintage Purple Clay Teapot Chinese Fine Handwork Dragon Teapot
Rare Vintage Purple Clay Teapot Chinese Fine Handwork Dragon Teapot Description:Material: Red claySize: Length 5.12 inch. Width 3.15 inch. Height 2.76 inch. This teapot has a dragon handle, a dragon s
S3 Vintage Traditional Togatta Mini Kokeshi by Ryosuke & Yaeko Saito 4 5/8"
You are looking at Vintage Traditional Togatta Kokeshi signed by Ryosuke Saito (1925 ~ ) and Yaeko Saito (1922 ~ ). He learned making kokeshi from his father-in-law, Kichiya Sato. He is a quite succes
Old Wooden Table o Stool w Carving Nepal
This old wooden table or small stool with carving originates from Nepal. The object measures 33 cm by 19.7 cm by 6.4 cm. Its weight is 750 gram. Good luck in bidding and please see my other auctions o
Golden Khokhloma "Midnight Lace" Bowl
Golden Khokhloma "Midnight Lace" Bowl This "Midnight Lace" Bowl is made of the finest quality Russian Khokhloma lacquerware, and is handcrafted in the same 300-year old tradition created by the early
Soviet Russian USSR WW2 Enamel RED STAR Order # Medal1273046
Found recently in an estate of a WWII Veteran and WWII Collector comes this WWII Russian Red Star Order Enamel Medal. Back marked Mohethbin PBOP and numbered 1273046. Nice clean condition with no chip